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Your Pain IS Your Platform – A Single Mom’s Hope Out Of A Hopeless Situation

You’ve heard me say this several times before, your pain is your platform. Who best is an expert to your own mess? Get to turning your mess in to a message. Your test in to a testimony.

I wanted to share this beautiful story from  Kristina Kuzmic, a comedian, blogger, reality star, chef, a mom, and much much more. What I love about her is her wittiness, her humor, and she really does live up to the name given to her as the “Truth Bomb Mom.”

Recently, Kristina shared a video opening up about the struggles she faced after a divorce left her raising her two children alone.

Take a look here…

Truth Bomb Mom: My Turning Point

*NEW VIDEO*Some stories I share with you feel more personal than others. Some stories I’m really protective of because of the impact they’ve had on my life, and in turn, on the lives of my children. This is one of those stories. Ever since I opened up about the struggles I went through years ago, after my divorce, the question I get asked the most is: What was your turning point? Here is my answer…

Posted by Kristina Kuzmic on Friday, June 30, 2017

Can you relate? I sure can! I love her candidness and ability to simply be real on the struggles she faced as a single mom… even as it left her seeing no hope. When your’re at the lowest point of your life, the best thing to do is to look up, reach up and reach out. DO NOT get boxed in allowing those negative thoughts to control you.

When facing such difficulty, you’re left with two options. Dwelling on the problem or focusing on the solution. Hope really can be found by shifting your focus. Festering and wallowing in your circumstance won’t get you no where… NO WHERE! Literally, not out your door, not out your funky attitude, and  it definitely won’t get it out your mind.

What are you faced with TODAY that has created a barrier to you TOMORROW? How can you use your PAIN to create your PLATFORM? Sharing is caring! Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you! 

Stay prayed up and be blessed!

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I'm Prophese... (pronounced PRAH-fuh-see), Founder/Owner. Dreams Of My Own was birthed after going through a season of brokenness, trusting God in leading me to a breakthrough, in order to refine my journey for this season of blessings. I had dreams that I let die during the most vulnerable time of my life and my children were not getting the best of me. After a season of affliction, I turned my pain into my platform. Dreams Of My Own seeks to encourage every woman to live their intentional-self while having faith and dreaming BIG!

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