• WWW | How Single Parents Can Turn Their Passion To Profits

    WWW = Website | Work -at- Home | Wealth Stuffing envelopes. Cold calls. Surveys. Secret Shopper. Data entry. Virtual assistance. Poll calling. All of these titles, positions and the like use to represent the realm of work-at-home opportunities way back in the day.  I, myself, have previously tempted to venture some of these opportunities but have often found that more work was required, more time was vested, and the results were disappointing for me. For example, stuffing envelopes. I mean… just how much licking did I need to do to earn a decent living? Not to mention all the weight I’d gain. Did you know that the substance contained in the glue used to seal envelopes…

  • Frugal, Cheap, or $FREE.99 – Ain’t No Shame In My Strategic Game

    FOOD TODAY, GONE TOMORROW Spring break is just around the corner and the kids will be home for about a week. Time to stock up the fridge and plan on loads of activities! With my boys, athletic daughter, nephews and nieces, my home has always been the IT house in the family. Needless to say, one of the biggest expenses has always been none other than food! There might as well be a reserved spot for me at the grocery store.