WWW | How Single Parents Can Turn Their Passion To Profits

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WWW = Website | Work -at- Home | Wealth Stuffing envelopes. Cold calls. Surveys. Secret Shopper. Data entry. Virtual assistance. Poll calling. All of these titles, positions and the like use to represent the realm of work-at-home opportunities way back in the day.  I, myself, have previously tempted to venture some of these opportunities but have often found that […]

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The Legacy Of Truth – Seek it. Keep it. Know it. Share it.

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  Truth Matters Truth. It took me quite a long time to compose an introduction to this. There’s just so much to consider. Yesterday,  after witnessing my son being racially profiled and disrespected, I was left with only two options – either making an impact for my son, or making an impact for the world. […]

Family that prays together stays together

The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together

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Growing up, this was a very common statement. Not only was is stated, it was expected and practiced daily. There was no eat without praying. No sleeping with out praying. There was no leaving the home without praying. It was apart of our lives and it was what we do. “Does prayer exist in today’s […]

Your Pain IS Your Platform – A Single Mom’s Hope Out Of A Hopeless Situation

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You’ve heard me say this several times before, your pain is your platform. Who best is an expert to your own mess? Get to turning your mess in to a message. Your test in to a testimony. I wanted to share this beautiful story from  Kristina Kuzmic, a comedian, blogger, reality star, chef, a mom, […]

God Sees and hears the single mom_single mom hope and support

Hagar’s Story – 5 Things Single Moms Should Know And Be Encouraged By!

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I’d first like to be clear in that I am no bible scholar nor theologian. I’m simply a believer who loves to dig deeper in the Word of God, especially when historical accounts seem all too familiar to the challenges I and others I personally know have faced, or is significant to what I wish to seek answers for. I’ve had some time researching the […]

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Keep Calm – You’re Still Blessed Even As A Single Mom

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Keep Calm Single Mom Transitioning from a wife to a single mom sure wasn’t easy. Certainly, it was never something I expected or planned for. But the way God built me and with the strength He gave me, no unusual or unexpected circumstance had an effect on the responsibility I was given as a mom. […]