Family that prays together stays together
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The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together

Growing up, this was a very common statement in regards to prayer. Some have even changes it up a bit to not just “family” but “couple”, “siblings”, “friends”… you get the point. But not only was is stated, it was expected and practiced daily. There was no eating without praying. No sleeping with out praying. There was no leaving the home without praying. It was apart of our lives and it was what we do.

“Does prayer exist in today’s families and relationships?”

Today, too many couples are “coupling up” as a result of physical attraction and disregarding the ordained attraction. Relationships today fail to include and prioritize spiritual commonality as a factor. Statements like, “She’s a dime piece!” and “He’s fine!” will set the stage for a failed relationship when physical attraction prioritizes and used to define “genuine” love. Ignoring the observation of the other’s character, specifically in regards to their faith and spiritual walk, foretells a relationship without substance.

Foundation – Structure – Maintenance

Man finds woman. Together create child. Man, woman, and child are now family. What then is the goal? Trouble, strife, anger, and hatred all soon seem to slither their way in the family unit and disguise themselves as normal behavior. But are they?

There’s far too much debate about everything these days that the focus of keeping family values intact is the farthest thing on our minds. We carelessly allow external factors to have access to diminish and destroy the peace established in our home. Particularly factors that are beyond our control and beyond our understanding. We deal with so much insignificant distractions that when it comes to relationships, we dismiss who’s grace is really with us. We’re quick to blame everyone.

Prayer_Prayer Changes Things

“What’s the resolve? Prayer!”

You ALREADY know this! Prayer is simply a form of communication and reaching out to God. When you pray, you’re identifying your personal relationship with Him. When you pray, you’re acknowledging God’s sovereign role in your life.When you pray, you’re surrendering. Surrendering is not a form of weakness. It’s admitting you have weakness. When you pray, you admit you have need. Your spirit is parched.

When it comes to your relationship, your family and your future – without God in the center, your investment is futile and your legacy would be lost.

You [man, woman, husband, wife, or child] have one of the most powerful weapon you can use. The power of prayer.

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I'm Prophese... (pronounced PRAH-fuh-see), Founder/Owner. Dreams Of My Own was birthed after going through a season of brokenness, trusting God in leading me to a breakthrough, in order to refine my journey for this season of blessings. I had dreams that I let die during the most vulnerable time of my life and my children were not getting the best of me. After a season of affliction, I turned my pain into my platform. Dreams Of My Own seeks to encourage every woman to live their intentional-self while having faith and dreaming BIG!

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