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WWW | How Single Parents Can Turn Their Passion To Profits

WWW = Website | Work -at- Home | Wealth

Stuffing envelopes. Cold calls. Surveys. Secret Shopper. Data entry. Virtual assistance. Poll calling. All of these titles, positions and the like use to represent the realm of work-at-home opportunities way back in the day.  I, myself, have previously tempted to venture some of these opportunities but have often found that more work was required, more time was vested, and the results were disappointing for me. For example, stuffing envelopes. I mean… just how much licking did I need to do to earn a decent living? Not to mention all the weight I’d gain. Did you know that the substance contained in the glue used to seal envelopes as well as the substance in the glue used on the back of stamps is a chemical known as Gum Arabic, Acacia, Sedan or E414 – found in popular candy bars like M&M’s and gumdrops, and also derived from tree sap? The FDA has officially recognized this substance contains 1.7 calories per gram. Like seriously, yuck! The I’m certainly not knocking these jobs down, but for me – they did not rise to what I wanted to achieve. What was that you ask? To earn and sustain monthly residual passive income doing something I love that does not interfere with the time I have reserved for ministry, parenting, socializing, vacationing and resting.

What? Confused, or a bit too much? Well let me translate it in simpler terms: Generating and earning ongoing income doing something productive without sacrificing personal time. Still not following? How’s this: Earning generous money by doing what I love to actually live a healthy and stress-fee life! That’s better, right?

I can see the eyes rolling, your questionable expressions, and sense your fingers ready to click and close this screen, but HOLD UPHEAR ME OUT… Most people loose out on incredible opportunities simply because of skepticism, availability, fear, judgement,  [insert lame excuse HERE], etc,.. You name it! What’s your excuse? EVERYDAY people just like you, and Yes even me, miss out on opportunities just waiting to be discovered. You work hard to achieve your goals or objectives, only to sabotage your own success by neglecting to take advantage of “chances” life throws your way.  Every successful entrepreneur knows that something simple as meeting new people, AKA – networking, is an opportunity to engage and build on their business and exposure. Why not the same for new opportunities?

W[1] = Website

As I’ve mentioned above, the prehistoric ways of working from home earning a snail-paced income have long been a thing of the past. Today, the most effective, long term and beneficial investment is in the business of building profitable websites generating multiple streams of income. How, you might ask? Well, what comes naturally to you that is so easy to explain, share, teach and most importantly, something you love to do? Would you call yourself an expert? A guru? Have friends or family members ever complimented you and even encouraged you on “a thing” only you, within their circle, could do?  If so, that “thing” you’re so good at is called a NICHE (pronounced niCH,nēSH)!

Generally speaking, a niche is a topic or activity that interest you. Ideally, your niche should be able to truly offer helpful content to your readers and engaging enough to draw in more visitors to your site. Your end goal is to generate income, make money, build wealth! Pretty much anything and everything can be a niche. Are you the ultimate handy man? Do you have an eye for photography? Do you have a fool-proof invention or ideas to solve everyday challenges that no one else seems to get? These are just a few examples but I’ve seen even elaborate niches pertaining to weight loss techniques, training schitzus, home schooling, and even the niche of yours truly, single parenting. I’ll briefly explain a little further along in this page, some of the many ways income would be generated with the acquisition of a marketable site, but first coming up with a niche or perfecting in one is your first big step.

Some examples of really good marketable niche sites are creating reviews on products like make-up, popular kids toys or power tools. Blog sites continue to be very lucrative as well, particularly of those providing weekly helpful posts and “How-To’s” etc. Have you seen the thousands of “bloggers” claiming to make money from websites? Or business websites that offer products related to their services? How about one of the biggest niche marketers of all… social networks, duh! They specialize in making social communication easy, accessible and realistic. When many of these now larger start-up websites launched (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others), they really didn’t have much of a monetization plan initially.  Their primary goal was focusing on creating something that would obviously attract attention as well as extensive and significant traffic. Once traffic was in place, BAMMMMM! A plethora of ways to make money online awaits! Now please don’t think that I’m convince you’ll be the next Mark Zuckerberg or the like – I’m not expecting that any of us will be creating the next mega internet start-up (like Facebook). I  just wanted to give a very eye opening view and just a few things in mind when creating your new site.

Have I got your attention yet? I know, this is amazing, right! Right about now you’re wondering how just you’ll start creating this fabulous website? Many of us just don’t know how. Listen, I wouldn’t recommend something that I personally wouldn’t do myself or recommend to my closest family and friends. In the past, I dabbled with the idea of creating a website; but the challenge I faced was that it left me wondering HOW! I signed ups, chose cute layouts and backgrounds, and……. was left with wondering NOW WHAT!? Then I found this cool community of people just like me on a site called Wealthy Affiliates.  Wealthy Affiliates is the platform I personally use to build my website from the ground up. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t even know all the in’s/out’s and details of building a site, affiliate marketing and subsequently earning a profitable income if it weren’t for Wealthy Affiliates. Through the certification courses they offer, the training is so succinct and detailed, your motivation to go further will get you 100% success! In addition to,, is now the 2nd website I own and it doesn’t stop there because I’ve got another 48 more I’m entitled too! YES! I’ll explain a bit more below, and even in more detail within the Wealthy Affiliate University page, but here’s just a quick view of how it works:

W[2] = Work-at-Home

Flexibility, check! Comfort, check! Ownership – no boss – making money in your pajamas… check, Check, CHECK!!!! Oh,  there’s just so much more! Many, including myself, consider flexibility  as the most prominent and significant benefit associated to working from home. Developing your own flexible schedule including designing your own work time table, all while being your own boss. Sweeeeet! While most jobs require you to  work for up to 8 hours per work week day, starting up your own online business gives you choices. Your time and the amount of time spent would depend on one person, YOU! And you know what? So what if you’d like to  work 4 hours a day or extend it to 10+ hours a day! Hey that’s good too – the point is, you have a choice. You’re the boss! The result from your workload is proportionate to the effort you put in.

Working from home provides one of the most quietest and personal environment, with fairly little to no interruptions or distractions. In other words, you’ll have ample time and opportunity to focus on what you do and exceling toward your productivity level. Another plus to working from home reduces stress levels which many of us face from frantically dealing with early morning pressures. Ok, maybe that was just my reason – but you wouldn’t have to travel for a few hours a day or get stuck in frustrating traffic jams. Now, I may be wrong, but there’s barely any stress at all when you are working from home and that’s surely a plus in my book!

In my personal experience as a single mom, working from home gave me a chance to truly be a mom where I could physically be more available to parent, rather than limited parenting time. Like most working single moms and dads, my scheduled didn’t allow me enough time to spend with them as I aught to and I was often left exhausted after a full days of work.  A work-at-home business can provide better work-life balance for the people. In fact, I’ve found through my research that achieving a work-life balance is becoming one of the most desired aspirations for many professionals who live all around the world. The average working adult voluntarily waste about 1 – 3 hours per day  just for commuting to and from work. It’s voluntary of course because, NEWS FLASH, you aren’t getting paid for it. Imagine those cumulative hours saved working from home. In other words, more time sleeping in, doing what you love, and spending time with family. And for those who are health conscientious, this would be a positive adjustment towards your health and well-being as well.

Wealthy Affiliate certainly caters to the work from home business model and provides you with all the necessary information and training you need to be successful in the online work industry. The certification courses are so advanced that you’re able to create your very own online business while working each course or even after takings all lessons. It is THE absolutely highly recommended platform for earning money. The help and support you’ll get from Wealthy Affiliate is also top rated in the industry. It is known as the Facebook for online entrepreneurs because it offers you a large mega community of like-minded individuals to communicate with, including all the members, the team,  including the founders/owners of Wealthy Affiliates.

W[3] = Wealth

Almost any niche can be profitable because there’s always something to sell. Generating wealth within your niche, means you, as the publisher, are able to offer, feature or suggest certain products to your readers.  And when promoted correctly, it can be insanely profitable! Wouldn’t it be nice to supplement your full-time income or even replace it with revenue generated from your very own website?

Although this idea may seem far-fetched, you may be surprised to learn how many people make a respectable living simply from websites about topics that interest them. The strategy to achieve so is quite simple and once you get into the groove of it, it becomes second nature. I’d be the first to tell you that I would’ve NEVER consider myself to be here today, simply doing it! Once you essentially narrowed down your niche, you begin researching the market such as the affiliate programs offered.  In simple terms, Affiliate Marketing at its very core is about relationships between three parties: advisor (company selling the product), publisher (individual or business promoting the product) and consumers. Online success has proven to work by way of  a simple 4 step formula, much like the sample picture featured above. A formula, by the way, which requires no previous experience, technical skills or some sort of a secret knowledge. There’s so much training on this and with my help as your coach, you have nothing to worry about. You’d then create something of value. This could be the general focus of your niche, but it could also change based on the topics you choose to highlight as you build more content. Finally, you should ideally find a niche where consumers essentially purchase as a need, want, or “gotta have it” item.

Here’s the best part – you don’t even need to sell anything! No inventory! Nothing to ship! You’ll help people find the information they’re already searching for online. You’re niche, however, must deliver quality information that helps people make decisions and then send them over to a store like Amazon who handles the rest. Think of how many trillions of searches that are done each and every day at Google, Bing or Yahoo and how many billions of dollars are spent online. Are you starting to see the value in you future business? I’m telling you, this is very powerful stuff! Worried about your choice of niche? FUGETABOUTIT!!!! There are affiliate programs in almost every imaginable niche you can think of. Nearly every major company out there has an affiliate program. You can partner with companies like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Nike, Best Buy, eBay, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung. The list is really endless. As I’ve mentioned above, your goal is to find your own little niche, partner with a company, and incorporate their ads on your site.



Like me, WHAT I KNOW FOR CERTAIN, you are looking for change and you want it NOW!

I believe that in order to succeed, you need HELP, a WEBSITE, and TRAINING.

Here is what you are going to get when you sign-up for $0 TODAY:

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All this for a big fat $0…notta…zilch…no credit card required. Crazy? Well you’re right – but it’s true. WHAT’S STOPPING YOU!  You will not find training this robust and support like this anywhere.

Now there is a Premium option that you should consider, but that will only give you access to WAY MORE. If you’d like to jump straight to that option, CLICK HERE.

However, as I’ve shared with you and as shown below, choose the “Starter, $0 per month” option and you will instantly get access to the community upon sign-up.

wealthy_affilaite_membership_option_Single Parent Affiliate Income_work from home_passion to profits_entrepreneur_change your financial situation_affiliate market niche_opportunity awaits_Join now_start now_wealthy affiliates

Have any questions about Getting Started online… I’m here to help!  Just leave them below! ?

CONGRATULATIONS on taking your first step to earning a profitable income while building your successful online business!

I'm Prophese... (pronounced PRAH-fuh-see), Founder/Owner. Dreams Of My Own was birthed after going through a season of brokenness, trusting God in leading me to a breakthrough, in order to refine my journey for this season of blessings. I had dreams that I let die during the most vulnerable time of my life and my children were not getting the best of me. After a season of affliction, I turned my pain into my platform. Dreams Of My Own seeks to encourage every single mom and single dad to have faith and dream BIG! You're more than just a single parent!


  • Jack Taylor


    I loved your article on how to make money online. I know everything you say in the article is true because I’m an Affiliate Marketer too! I learned everything from Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been making a full time living from home for almost 10 years now. For those of you that want to lean how to make money online. I suggest you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate RIGHT NOW! The sooner you start, the sooner you will realize your dreams. Making money online is easy to do once you learn how.


    • Prophese

      Jack Taylor, you are awesome!v Thank you so much for checking out the post and what a confirmation you’ve blessed me with as you are actively involved in WA. WA has one of the most amazing community of people who are super supportive. Thanks for checking me and for the shout out!

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