• Single Dads’ Involuntary Silence – The Pitch For Your Voice

    Hey, I need to hear from you! You, single dad. You, father. You, who knows a father. I’ve personally met and worked with parents behind the scenes who face difficulty as a single parent and subsequently navigating the system as required of them in order to reunify with their children. Most often, it’s with mothers – but this is not to say that fathers are not involved. While I can certainly touch on this topic alone, my preference is to pitch on a subject that is widely recognized but has rarely been supported on the public platform. Single Dads – their lack of representation and support, and the need to…

  • TABLETS, TOYS and THINKING… Oh My! | Educational and Learning Toys Parents Love

    Part 2 from “The Modern Day Idiot Box” Back in February 2017, I wrote a blog about kids spending way too much screen-time. Just to give you a quick recap, I wanted to strike up a conversation as to the good and the bad of modern day technology. It’s quite alarming how technology has, in a sense, enabled a generation of “bright lights screen junky stimulated zombies”… ok, that’s clearly something I just made up, but the point is, us parents these days are put in a rather tough spot of either cutting electronics cold turkey, disabling Wi-Fi’s, and/or forcing children to  C O M M U N I C A T E !…

  • God Created ALL Things Good – That Includes YOU!!!

    HEY!!! YOU!!! THE ONE READING THIS!!! You are beautifully and wonderfully made! When God created the earth, man, beast, the heavens, etc., He saw that “it was good.” God rested on the 7th day because He saw ALL He created was good. ALL! YOU are his creation. Not a mistake. Not a failure.

  • Frugal, Cheap, or $FREE.99 – Ain’t No Shame In My Strategic Game

    FOOD TODAY, GONE TOMORROW Spring break is just around the corner and the kids will be home for about a week. Time to stock up the fridge and plan on loads of activities! With my boys, athletic daughter, nephews and nieces, my home has always been the IT house in the family. Needless to say, one of the biggest expenses has always been none other than food! There might as well be a reserved spot for me at the grocery store.

  • Screen Time Technology - When is it too much for Children?

    The Modern Day Idiot Box | When Screen Time Is Way Too Much For Children

    Screen time & technology go hand in hand when it comes to children. Are children dumbing down by the use of unlimited technology? THE GOOD… Technology has rapidly evolved through the years. From beepers/pagers, to flip phones, to blackberry, to smartphone, to tablet, to pads, to smart watches… what else could these technology gurus introduce to us now that we can’t currently do with our personal handheld devices? There certainly are great advantages where technology has raised the bar in development, performance and innovation. Many schools throughout the United States, both public and private, have even adopted the use of applied technology in its curriculum. No surprise – today’s schools are eliminating…

  • Christian_single_mom_dad_faith_work from home;God_loves_single_moms

    Keep Calm – You’re Still Blessed Even As A Single Mom

    Keep Calm Single Mom Transitioning from a wife to a single mom sure wasn’t easy. Certainly, it was never something I expected or planned for. But the way God built me and with the strength He gave me, no unusual or unexpected circumstance had an effect on the responsibility I was given as a mom. “First came courage, then came strength.” When I first moved to Minnesota in 2012, I had absolutely no idea what would become of me, my children and our future. At the time, I felt everything in my life was a whirlwind; I didn’t know what to begin with, how to start, or who could help.…