Misrepresented Single Moms have voices to help them
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Your Article Misrepresented Single Parents – So Lets Talk!

Misrepresented Single Parents Have Voices To Support Them And Dreams Of My Own Is One Of Them.


Dear Ashley C. Myers,

You’ve publicly slandered & misrepresented single parents, so let’s talk! I stumbled across your article, Problems With Single Parents Households, while conducting additional research for a nonprofit organization I plan to propose in the next coming weeks.

Unfortunately I found no means of communicating with you. There was no link to contact you nor reach you via other means. I have sent a contact form to Odyssey, your article’s hosting site, thinking it was at least a reasonable way to reach you. Since your article was written publicly, I figured perhaps you’d find my post in the same manner.

Your article was highly saturated with your opinion and did not lay a foundation, other than your opinion itself. For instance, Here’s the first paragraph of your content:

“There are several issues our generation is facing; however, the origin of our problems is failed marriages. There are too many single parent households today, and it will only increase as time progresses. The lack of a two parent household leaves children feeling doubtful about their future relationships; therefore, young adults do not expect to be in a successful relationship or marriage and often behave irresponsibly. Consequently, teen pregnancy is occurring and causing young parents to grow up too quickly without fully understanding the world around them. For that reason, our generation risks having to live in a world of poverty. A way to prevent this problem, would be for parents to insist on high morals and have high expectations. Parents need to inform their children of the importance, sacrifice, and commitment it takes to be in a marriage and why divorce should not be an option.”

I am all about digging deeper in to the disparities of single parents. My experience, which to date accumulates 8 and a half years, is in child advocacy, children and family initiative issues, one-on-one case management and a sworn-in court appointed advocate for children adjudicated in child protection and family law.

As previously shared, I’ve been conducting additional research to further lay out Dreams Of My Own’s agenda. Perhaps you weren’t aware, but ethically, and simply a basic rule of thumb, you just can’t provide information to an influential audience without such backing; thus, coming across your article was interesting to say the least.

Here’s a few more from your article:

“Because of economical disadvantages, there is a decline of quality parenting. Single parents have fewer rules, easier discipline actions, more inconsistency, less supervision, and less support.” 

“Single parents have more trouble making ends meet and are less involved in their children’s lives. Single parents simply do not have the time, energy, and emotional stability to maintain a secure home for their children; thus, the children are allowed to do whatever they want. Without guidance, young adults get themselves in all kinds of trouble, like teen pregnancy, and that will only result in more failed marriages and single parent dwellings.”

“These children and young adults are not taught right from wrong, and they are not informed on how the effects of their decisions can destroy their future; therefore, this leads young adults to take action without weighing the consequences. As a result, teen pregnancy is occurring.”

Excuse my french, but WTF?

While I appreciate the sources you’ve sited and linked in your article, are you aware that 2 of the 5 sources you relied on were bad links? Unfortunately, this reflects on the credibility of your article.  Here are a couple of screenshots:

Misrepresented Single Moms have voices to help them Misrepresented Single Moms have voices to help them

Ms. Myers, I am a single mom as a result of a divorce. I do not consider myself, my history, my children, nor any one I personally know or have provided services for to be categorized as negatively as you generally portray.

I can agree to some points you make about the importance of marriage and the positive results from joint parenting. It surely is one of the key points I’ve highlighted in my business plan. However, there are several factors to the pathway of single parenthood and even more several components to the outcomes resulting in poverty. The rise in poverty and single parent households, does exist. This is what Dreams Of My Own is trying to combat and seeking to serve the community.

A solution. A proposal. A direction to who can initiate a solution if it could not be you. That is what I hoped to find contained somewhere in your article – but to no avail. On a positive note, I can see there is passion in your writing, to some degree, in that you may feel this issue needs to be held on a higher platform and spark conversation. If that’s the case, I appreciate that and I thank you for adding more value to my mission!

I would love to connect with you and perhaps collaborate on initiating change. After all, simply talking about a problem only exasperates it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Stay prayed up and be blessed!

Yours Truly,

Prophese – Founder/Owner, Dreams Of My Own

“A single mom with BIG faith and BIG dreams because of a BIG God!”

I'm Prophese... (pronounced PRAH-fuh-see), Founder/Owner. Dreams Of My Own was birthed after going through a season of brokenness, trusting God in leading me to a breakthrough, in order to refine my journey for this season of blessings. I had dreams that I let die during the most vulnerable time of my life and my children were not getting the best of me. After a season of affliction, I turned my pain into my platform. Dreams Of My Own seeks to encourage every woman to live their intentional-self while having faith and dreaming BIG!

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