• Knowing God Devotional_The Father's House_Burnsville_Minnesota_Prophese Fuentes_Make use of your time_Ephesians 5:15-17_Stay at Home_Quarantined

    Featured – Knowing God Devotional

    I recently featured in my church‘s daily devotional, Knowing God, on Thursday, 4/23/2020. In this unsure time of our lives today, we know one thing that remains unchanging; God and His faithfulness. But during this time, how are you choosing to make most of it? We’ll be reading from Ephesians 5:15-17. Check out this quick Knowing God Devotional and I pray you’ll be blessed just as it blessed me. As always,

  • Jandeltha Rae_If Anyone Cares_The Art Of Letting Go_Prophese Fuentes_Girl Talk_Sista Talk_Married To My Ex

    PODCAST: If Anyone Cares – The Art of Letting Go

    Recently, I was invited as a guest on one of the most popular and most listened podcast show with my girl, Jandeltha Rae of If Anyone Cares. Speaking on my faith, re-marrying my ex-husband, what’s next with Dreams of My Own and some good ol’ fashioned girl talk! ‘If Anyone Cares’ is a bi-weekly podcast that addresses controversial topics with a HILARIOUS twist. No topic is off limits: Race, Sex, Relationships, Social Issues and more is all fair game! Catch the wave and laugh a bit! Check out If Anyone Cares latest episode, The Art of Letting Go, guest starring me, Prophese Fuentes of Dreams of My Own. The Art…

  • Don't Clap Back At Haters_Girlfriend I Got Your Back_Haters Hate_God Has Your Back_No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper

    Girl Don’t Clap Back… Breathe

    Now wait a second girl, don’t do it. Girl Don’t Clap Back! Friend, allow me to encourage you for a moment because I know you need to hear this. NEVER let the opinion of others to break you even if it’s from someone close to you like a friend, spouse or sibling. You have a journey to ride and you don’t need intentional bumps in the road to slow you down. Trust and believe that you can count on someone or a group of people designated and perhaps dedicated to show up in the middle of your progress and stomp all over you. While there are multiple ways one can clap back to the frustration, your time is far too valuable. So don’t clap back at haters. “Birds fly, fishes swim, and haters…

  • Faith It Till You Make It_Eyes Like Faith_Proverbs 3:5-6_

    Faith It Till You Make It and Keep PUSHing!

    I woke up this morning hearing the word “Faith”. In my dream, I remember having a conversation with God asking Him for the “when”. When will the time come, God? What is there left for me to do that I haven’t done yet? Is there something I haven’t sought forgiveness on? Is there someone I haven’t forgiven? Where am I displeasing you, Lord? Am I the only one who’s been there? When you begin to develop a relationship with God, you begin to know Him, you begin to know yourself, and you begin to know purpose. Once you begin to understand purpose, you begin to see (faith) in a totally…

  • Pray until something happens_pray to God daily_Daily prayer_Our father_communicate with God_

    Just do it – PRAY

    Have you ever found yourself stuck in what you should actually “say” in the moment of prayer? This girl has her hand raised. Sometimes it flows simply, other times I struggle with keeping my sentences together. But I want to share with you that it doesn’t have to be that way. You’ve heard it before, prayer is just having a talk with God. He’s not impressed with word choice, vocabulary or even if they rhyme or not. He just wants to hear from you. A while ago, I found a really interesting definition for prayer – “Prayer is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with God…

  • Family that prays together stays together

    The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together

    Growing up, this was a very common statement in regards to prayer. Some have even changes it up a bit to not just “family” but “couple”, “siblings”, “friends”… you get the point. But not only was is stated, it was expected and practiced daily. There was no eating without praying. No sleeping with out praying. There was no leaving the home without praying. It was apart of our lives and it was what we do. “Does prayer exist in today’s families and relationships?” Today, too many couples are “coupling up” as a result of physical attraction and disregarding the ordained attraction. Relationships today fail to include and prioritize spiritual commonality as a factor. Statements like, “She’s a…

  • A Time such as these_Ecclesiastes_Do not be alarmed by the troubles

    Ecclesiastes 3 | A Time, A Season, Appointed Under Heaven

    Lately, I’ve been dealing with something a bit more personal than I’ve ever experienced. It’s more of feeling like a huge boulder pressing in on me that no matter how strong I may think I am, that boulder’s only purpose is to keep me down and from reaching higher. Or how about the illustration of a thumb – pressing down over me to keep me from being authentic. No matter the illustration [perhaps you have a similar one] the feeling it gives you is of oppression. It hasn’t always been that way, though. But given the circumstances the enemy is in, it’s no mystery to me that this battle is…

  • Truth is a person_Make America Love Again_Love Trumps Hate_God Is Love_End Racism

    The Legacy Of Truth – Seek it. Keep it. Know it. Share it.

     Truth Matters Truth. It took me quite a long time to compose an introduction to this. There’s just so much to consider. Yesterday,  after witnessing my son being racially profiled and disrespected, I was left with only two options – either making an impact for my son or making an impact on the world. “I chose my son.” Right in the grocery store, my son approached the opposite side of the freezer and a man who was already alone in the aisle, looked at my son with so much hate. As he shook his head, he violently grabbed his cart and darted away. We met with the man again upon…

  • if godis all you have you have everything you need_living through God's word_prayer_life verses for single woman_life scripture_journal bible_

    If God is all you have, you have everything you need!

    So it’s been a new year for a couple of weeks now and like every start of the year, commitments, reflections, and new goals become a focused priority. We look back at accomplishments and failure vowing to make the next year, or next chapter of our lives that is, the most epic of all years and looking forward to that “this is it” moment of our lives. Some of us want good health, financial breakthrough, a developing business, and even hopeful for a spouse this year. It’s part of our make-up as spiritual beings living human lives. We long for more. Now for this here, I’m speaking to those sincere. …

  • A Call To Prayer, Action And Unity - As A Nation, As A People

    A Call To Prayer, Action And Unity – As A Nation, As A People

    * * * Dreams Of My Own extend deepest sympathy and prayer to all who were affected by the horrific tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas on the night of October 1, 2017. * * * A Society Gone Cold Or A Crisis Of Unity? “Who did this?” “What motivated them?” “Was the intent about race/hate/terrorism?” “Mental health?” “Was it preventable?” Who’s at fault?’ From the most basic individual to the highly esteemed, people are far too focused on perpetuating investigation and proposing their own case study. Arguments are ensued, relationships destroyed and basic respect for people seem so ancient, nowadays, that perhaps it’ll only be rediscovered by excavation. What do…