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A mom with big faith & big dreams because of a BIG God

That’s right, a mom with big faith and big dreams because of a very very big God! Hey Y’all! My name is Prophese… pronounced like “Prophecy.” Don’t worry about it, you wouldn’t be the first to butcher my name. I’ve heard it all, really; but the best attempt I’ve heard thus far was from a little foster kid I advocated for years ago – “Poppyseed!” This cute toddler tried so hard to say such a big word – I never corrected her!

Prophese Fuentes_Dreams of My Own_Christian Single Moms and Dads_Have Faith and Dream Big_Nothing is impossible with God_Inspirational Proverbs 31 Woman; children are a blessing

I’m a 38 year old mom of four amazing kids. Not too long ago, I was a single mom. The adjective “single” was added after a divorce seven years ago and wouldn’t you know… I remarried my former-husband! For seven years, though, I was a single mom. Raising our children alone, sadly, with no help or support from their father.  Stay tuned for my best selling book… someday if God willing. For now, I just enjoy sharing and making a difference for single moms and dads out there. Encouraging and empowering them to always have faith and dream BIG!

“While I can appreciate the term to what it technically is, I never particularly liked the label because of its false representation of a person’s identity.”

The looks you get when a person learns you’re a single mom varies from overly sympathetic, judgment, shame, questionable, disbelief… oh Hunny I’ve seen it all! The appreciation of me actually engaging in the role of a parent, is so often overlooked. While I will always be a parent, the added adjective is only temporary.

“I’m a daughter of the King – blessed, highly favored and deeply loved!”

As a young woman, it certainly was never conceived in my mind that I’d be a single parent and I believe this to be true for many who suddenly find themselves raising their children alone. My marriage was constantly hanging on a thread, we were unequally yoked and the foundation of every reconciliation between us remained unstable.  I set in my mind that my children would not be without guidance and whatever the outcome, I needed to honor God.

Spiritually Bankrupt

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, they shall be comforted.”

Matthew 5:3-4

I was a single mom with big faith, but my conviction was not as strong as it needed to be. It wasn’t uncommon for me to utter, or in some instances, shout out the words “frustrated,” “overwhelmed” and “tired.” I often felt there was just no way I was the only one experiencing this… feeling stuck in a world, life, and/or circumstance that I just couldn’t seem to manage out of irrespective of efforts.

“The transition wasn’t easy and my attitude wasn’t light.”

I had nothing left in me to give, no room for reasoning, and everything seemed catastrophic. My emotional state was a total shipwreck. I felt damaged. I felt lonely… unclaimed. Times where I wanted to fight, wanted to scream, throw things, and say “F^(K it.”

Then came a moment where I surrendered it all and raised my white flag. Something in me urged me to remember who’s I was. Recalling visions, dreams, and promises that were revealed to me… I suddenly knew.

“I wasn’t built this way. I wasn’t built to give up!”

After much fasting, crying, praying, and writing in my journals, those were the moments I found the strength to pick up the pieces, the pain, the brokenness I felt and started building up confidence, hanging on hopes, and even daydream of all the “what-if’s.” At the time, I wasn’t even sure where my strength was coming from. I wasn’t even sure I knew what I was doing but I knew my God does! It was time to let go.

Encourage & Inspire

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.”

– 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Years ago, I came up with the tagline “Dreams Of My Own.”  It seemed fitting at the time as I was transitioning from being a wife and mother to an instant single mother. It was my, now again, husband, who back then as my former husband, made it a point to suggest that I would never succeed without him and that “no one would want you with all those kids.” While I held his words for quite some time, I am thankful that God freed me from the lies he spoke against me and through the love and grace of God, I remain His faithful servant.

A single mom with faith and big dreams because of a big God. Encouraging and Inspiring single moms and dads to have faith and dream big!

“I had dreams. Many of which God gave me.”

Instead of letting those dreams stay dormant, God has given me the strength to revive those dreams again the moment I chose to seek Him and His kingdom. I started dreamsofmyown.com to encourage single moms and single dads to have steadfast faith and truly dream big.

“As a single mom with faith, I often had the opportunity to minister to many single parents as well as parents facing divorce.”

Dreams Of My Own was created, in part, to share my life story as a mom with faith to other single moms and single dads of all walks of life. Sharing testimonies which have changed my life and sharing the testimony of many others. In this age of rising and very fast paced technology, dreamsofmyown.com seeks to reach those single moms and single dads globally, develop a community for support for networking and branding of products for additional outreach.  I wish to inspire others. Sharing personal experiences allows others feel comforted in knowing they are NOT alone and empowering to hold fast in their faith.

Don’t be afraid of your story. It WILL inspire others.

I want to share my journey with you and pray that it may inspire you.  I know first-hand the balancing act you’re going through. I’m also confident that my purpose was to share this journey with you, with many others, and perhaps someone who knows someone in need of encouragement.

God really blessed this mom of faith with really BIG dreams. I’ve put it off for years thinking “I don’t know how to!,” “Who would read it?” or “Would there be a fruitful purpose?” But more and more, when I meet a single moms and dads who’ve lost hope or when I reflect on my own journey and past experiences of being lost, confused, stuck, out of options, terrified, low, self-hatred, (the list can go on for centuries)…. it confirms the purposes of launching Dreams Of My Own even more.

Friend, I hope Dreams Of My Own blesses you, and I look forward to seeing your personal journey soar to even greater heights!

Stay prayed up and be blessed!

Prophese (contact me HERE)

Founder/Owner of Dreams Of My Own