“It was never my dream to begin with. God gave them to me, I just simply obeyed.”

– Prophese Fuentes, Founder and CEO of Dreams Of My Own

Our passion is what drives us to do more. Through the combination of faith, purpose driven and integrity, Dreams Of My Own, will succeed in pioneering an organic movement in revitalizing and prioritizing the importance of family and embarking generational change in the lives of vulnerable families in the State of Minnesota and the entire United States, to the entire world. Check out more of Dreams Of My Own.

WWW | How Single Parents Can Turn Their Passion To Profits

WWW = Website | Work -at- Home | Wealth Stuffing envelopes. Cold calls. Surveys. Secret Shopper. Data entry. Virtual assistance. Poll calling. All of these titles, positions and the like use to represent the realm of work-at-home opportunities way back in the day.  I, myself, have previously tempted to venture some of these opportunities but have often found that […]

E N D - Enough | No More | Done! 2018 Goal Setting and Action Workbook MAKE WAR Edition

2018 Goal Setting and Action Workbook is Here. Order Yours TODAY!

E N D – Enough | No More | Done! 2018 Goal Setting and Action Workbook MAKE WAR Edition This workbook is just one of the many self improvement tools Dreams Of My Own has created personally. It’s a detailed and comprehensive goal setting and action workbook, designed with you in mind. This MAKE WAR edition […]

5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Memorable After Separation

*** A post courtesy of Integrous Resolution Services *** It’s that time of year again – Oh, Thanksgiving… a time to give thanks for the blessings in your life, including the blessings of what or who’s no longer in your life – perhaps a former partner or spouse (hint, hint!). Whether you’re happy to be […]

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